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Since the surprisingly successful "Presence" in 2015 (which even spawned a minor underground hit with the single "Black") only one album has left the Twice a Man assembly line: the ambient "Cocoon" from 2019, which was released as a digital album, a 59 minute long music video and a limited edition CD. Another "pop"-album was however inevitable. Mirroring the production process of "Presence", but with a twist that puts the emphasis on slightly more organic arrangements. The established wall of sound, the expressive vocals and the analog synthesizers are still prominent, but they're backed up by heavier percussion, more distortion and lyrical themes that are a lot more ambiguous this time around. The bulk of "On the other side of the mirror" consists of a brutal and hard-hitting trio of songs, "Breath", "Rain of Shame" and the first single "Modern World". With the addition of the psychedelic "Growing", the border-line EBM of "Naked", and the quite extraordinary "Fireflies", the end-result is a versatile and very strong album
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Limited double vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release from the Swedish electronic act. After releasing Icicles in 2010, Twice a Man made the transition back into theater and fine arts related environments. In 2012 the limited numbered Costume Area was released - a 49 minute 47 second ambient track, based on music composed for an exhibition at the Stockholm Dance Museum. Far from a commercial product, the CDs sold out in way less than 49 minutes and 47 seconds and a second edition had to be printed. In 2014, the band celebrated the 30th anniversary of the album From a Northern Shore. By bringing back Jocke Söderqvist on stage they ensured the anniversary gigs were very memorable for the fans. The gigs were also memorable for the band, as the creative chemistry in the reunited trio was still present. Almost inevitably the gentlemen ended up writing new songs together, for the first time since the mid-`80s.
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Swedish electronic music with hints of new wave, industrial and synth pop. The second solo album by musician, composer and artist Anna Öberg contains eight tracks produced by Charles Storm and Anna Öberg.This follow-up, like it's predecessor, features a heavy use of analog synthesizers and drum machines from 1972 - 1986, used in tandem with glockenspiel, recorders and voices. The music this time around is a bit harder and a bit sweeter.Anna sings predominantly in Swedish.Swedish poet Bob Hanson and vocalists John Lindqwister (Machinista and Cat rapes dog) features on one track each. Russ Rydén (Strasse) also sings on a few songs.
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Are We All Damned

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2018 release from the Stockholm band that formed two decades ago. Topper plays a mix of classic '77 punk and rock 'n' roll with high-quality and melodic modern punk rock.
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Av Ingenting

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Vinyl LP pressing. Headons started as a band in 2007, in the beginning they were heavily influenced by American proto punk such as The Dead Boys and The Heartbreakers. Lately they have started exploring their Swedish roots and therefore started using Swedish as their main language on the new tunes.
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Limited ten inch vinyl pressing of this release from the Swedish punk band.
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